Have you ever stopped to consider what you are doing with your one wild and precious life?

Do you feel like you’re running on autopilot, distracted and disconnected from the moments of your life, constantly striving to get somewhere in the complex uncertain fast-paced relentless 24/7 busyness of life?

Perhaps you notice a longing to slow things down, to create space for ease, contentment and joy?

Mindfulness may be an approach worth considering.

Mindfulness is a practice that can support us to feel fully alive as we rest in an awareness of present-moment experience; where our attention can settle and engage intimately with however we are, whatever we are doing or whoever we are with.

It is this Being Here, open and receptive to this moment, that affords us our greatest opportunities for creativity, learning and growth. It is only now where we can consciously choose to create and live a life that is aligned with our deepest needs, values and authentic sense of purpose.