About Jane Brendgen

Hello and thank you for your interest in my website.

I began meditating in 2006 and since then mindfulness has become an integral part of my life.

Committed to Integrity

I am committed to offering mindfulness-based interventions of the highest integrity. In support of this I follow the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers’ guidelines for good practice by practicing mindfulness regularly, attending meditation retreats and ensuring I have ongoing supervision for my teaching. I am registered with the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainers and with the MBSR-Verband, the equivalent in Switzerland.


In 2002 I began my work as a free-lance executive & personal development / life coach and have had the good fortune to offer coaching to many individuals, both privately and within the workplace.

I have taught mindfulness in various formats, for the general public and in workplace settings since 2010 and have supported hundreds of people to develop their mindfulness skills.

Since 2010 I have actively been exploring ways to take mindfulness into the workplace setting, for enhanced well-being and leadership development.  At this time I am working on a project linked to psychological safety in the workplace where the application of mindfulness is more interpersonal, in service of building resilient, trusting high quality working relationships.


I have an MSc degree (with distinction) in mindfulness-based approaches from Bangor University and was awarded top performing masters student in my graduation year. I hold a bachelor’s degree in music, a post-graduate diploma in education and a diploma in cognitive-behavioural approaches to stress management. I completed a foundation year in Integrative psychotherapy, a six-month intensive introduction to psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy and a diploma in coaching.

I undertook a supervision training course through Bangor University and have been offering supervision to mindfulness teachers both privately and as an associate for the Mindfulness Network CIC, a not-for-profit organization which works closely with Bangor and Exeter Universities.


Following a period of great personal difficulty I chose to attend a mindful self-compassion (MSC) intensive retreat offered through The Centre for Mindfulness, Research & Practice at Bangor University. Since then the practices of the program have become integrated into my daily life.

I completed the teacher training through the Centre for Mindfulness in Amsterdam, under the heartful guidance of Chris Germer (one of the founders of the program), Rob Brandsma & Mila de Konig.

Relational Mindfulness

In 2007 I discovered the relational mindfulness practice of Insight Dialogue (ID), developed by Gregory Kramer and it has had a significant impact on my life. My attendance at two Interpersonal Mindfulness teacher training retreats, one in 2013 in Virginia USA and the other in Amsterdam in May 2014, qualifies me to teach the innovative 8-week Interpersonal Mindfulness programme, a course based on ID practice and formatted for MBSR graduates.

My true vocation

It gives me great joy to be working in service of reducing human stress and suffering and promoting well-being and ease.

My time is divided between living and working in the UK and in Zurich, with my partner Otto.