Building Relational Intelligence

“A frenzied pace of life can lure us into transactional encounters where the possibility of encountering the other as a vulnerable complex human being is lost”. – Dr Megan Reitz, Ashridge Business College

We are living in the age of distraction; with ‘always on’ digital connectivity, information overload, an accelerating pace of life, increasing responsibilities, reducing resources and work-life balance challenges. We are driven to multi-tasking as a necessary strategy to deal with this increasing complexity. The reality is that it is becoming more and more difficult to simply rest, where we are, allowing our attention to be fully engaged with whatever we are doing or whoever we are with.

It stands to reason that this will have an impact on personal effectiveness.

It also has a significant impact interpersonally.

Human beings are social creatures. We are biologically and psychologically motivated to seek connection. We thrive in situations where we feel a sense of safety, where we are appreciated, understood, accepted and empowered. The bedrock of these relational factors is the quality of attention we offer each other. Attention, motivated by respect, generosity and genuine interest is generative and transformative. It creates the necessary conditions for us to let our guard down, relax, think with greater clarity and creativity, take risks, make mistakes, learn, grow and manifest our potential.

In this fast-paced, volatile and uncertain climate it is easy to lose sight of this essential relational catalyst for human thriving, and how this can influence real and sustainable personal and organisational success. We address this need directly through offering programs that humanize the workplace and build relational intelligence through personal and interpersonal mindfulness.

What we offer:

  • 1 hour introductory sessions
  • ½ day workshops
  • Away day workshops
  • Building High Trust through Mindful Dialogue: a 6-session program focusing on cultivating personal and interpersonal mindfulness skills
  • Building High Trust Teams through Mindful Dialogue: a 6-session program supporting teams to cultivate transparency and effectiveness in communication and strengthen collaboration and connection
  • Mindfulness-based Emotional & Relational Intelligence coaching using the Emotional Capital Report (ECR) Psychometric Tool

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