Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)

The Mindfulness-based stress reduction course (MBSR) is an experiential-based learning programme, the essence of which is intensive training in mindfulness. The programme focuses on stress reduction and much more, supporting you to deepen your understanding of yourself, the nature of the human mind and how it functions.

Through practice you will have the opportunity to strengthen your innate capacity for conscious choice, enabling you to actively choose to live a life that is aligned with your deepest values and sense of purpose.

The group course consists of eight 2-hour sessions, held on average once a week over a period of 10 weeks with an optional full day devoted to practicing the techniques introduced in the programme.  Each class is divided into formal mindfulness practices, theoretical elements, group discussions and inquiry into the experiences of the practices.

The 1-1 course consists of eight 1-hour sessions held once a week on skype.


Potential Benefits

The MBSR course has been extensively researched and the benefits that participants report include:

  • A reduction in stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion and an increase in positive emotions, resilience and a sense of well-being
  • An increased capacity for attention, learning, memory, creativity, focus and concentration
  • The ability to regulate emotions and to feel kind and compassionate towards ourselves and others

“I’ve learned to recognise the stressors in my life and the body signals that help me to be aware of them. I’ve also learnt how to be much more accepting of difficulty and to live in the moment rather than always wishing things were different. And, very importantly, I feel more compassionate towards myself and other people as a result I don’ feel like I’m struggling on my own any more”.