Relational Mindfulness

Relating to others is very much a part of our daily lives: in the workplace, at home and in the communities in which we live. In our relationships we can experience pleasure that comes from feeling connected, understood and acknowledged.

But we also inevitably encounter stress and tension. We are all familiar with those moments when we get triggered into mental and emotional habits of reactivity, where we lose touch with the present moment and move into unconscious and perhaps less effective ways of connecting.

„Relationships can be a source of our greatest joys and our greatest suffering“ – Gregory Kramer

We can often end up wishing that we were different or that others were different and long for a deeper connection, a sense of being able to relate with less effort and more ease.

The Interpersonal Mindfulness Course (IMP)

The 8-week secular Interpersonal Mindfulness group course will introduce you to a distinctly relational form of mindfulness based on the meditation practice of Insight Dialogue, developed by Gregory Kramer.

You will have the opportunity to experience stepping out of autopilot and into mindfulness whilst face to face with another person. Right here, in the light of kind awareness, mental and emotional relational habits that are usually invisible in the flow of communication can be clearly seen. This clarity offers us choice in the moment – we can choose a different way of responding and, with practice, learn to be more fully present, open, kind and compassionate to ourselves and the people in our lives.

Is this course for me?

The course offers new skills to graduates of MBSR or MBCT courses or those who already have a regular mindfulness practice.

“The interpersonal practice with others in the course was challenging but liberating. It has been such a joy to discover whole new areas of myself. This course has been a real opener of new possibilities”